Ratepayer Info 2017

Please refer to  the website for R.M. information: rmofcote271.com



Municipal Council

Reeve:  Jim Tomochko                   306-590-7111

Div 1:     Ralph Hilderman               306-597-4613

Div 2:     Vernon Bowes                  306-597-4502

Div 3:     Terry Ivey                            306-620-3820

Div 4:     Dale Schwartz                    306-597-4535    

Div 5:     Kim Pennell                        306-542-7493

Div 6:     Murray Horkoff                 306-542-2259



Administrator:  Sherry Guenther

Grader Operators:   Russell Rauckman (Div. 3, 5, 6)

                                       Cory Finnie (Div. 1, 2, 4)         

Mower Operator:  Allan Andrews


Council Meetings

Council meets the second Wednesday of the month unless otherwise posted beginning at 9:00 a.m.  If you wish to address council or attend one of their regular meetings, please call the office at 306-542-2121. Council requires a brief written letter regarding your concerns to the office the Friday before the meeting to have your delegation placed on the agenda. (Bylaw NO.3/2016 Council Procedures Bylaw).


Runnymede Hall:

Thanks to the OH Board, the hall looks awesome!! If you are interested in renting this facility please contact the R.M. office.


Office Hours

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – noon; 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Hours are subject to change at Council’s discretion. Closed statutory holidays.


Pest Control Services

The RM is an active participant of the Provincial Rat Eradication Program (PREP).  In doing so, the RM will provide free rat control products through our PCO, Garrett.  If you have an issue with rats, please call him at 306-782-2683 for products. The office has for sale pest control products for rats, mice and gopher control.  These items are sold to our ratepayers at our cost. 


Payment of Taxes

Payment of taxes may be made via cheque, cash or online using the Telpay service (ie: Affinity Credit Union accounts).  The office does not have a debit/credit card machine. For online payments, the first tax roll number listed on your tax notice will be used as your account number.  This will be a 6 or 7 digit number found on the left hand side of your notice and is usually in bold. 
If your tax roll number has 5 or 6 digit numbers, please insert 0 (zero(s)) before your tax roll number so that you are entering 7 digits in total and use no spacing between your numbers.  For example, if your tax roll is 56 000, then your account number will be 0056000.  Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.

The office is now a premium biller with Telpay. Sign up at “telpay.ca/online.” Telpay biller code # is 0079745. Phone 204-957-2885 for assistance/questions. You can bank with any bank/financial institution (contact office).

**Have you considered e-transfer for making payments to the R.M. Contact your banking branch for assistance.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are paying by Telpay allow 3-4 business days for your payment to be deposited into our account. Do not pay on the last day of the month as we do not receive your payment until a few days into the next month. This can cause interest charges to occur in your tax card.


 Sale of Gravel

The municipality gravels its roads late spring to early fall.  Ratepayers may purchase gravel through the RM at a cost of $3.50/yd (excavation and royalty) plus crushing and hauling.  Ratepayers wishing to purchase gravel can do so by ordering through their RM Division Councillor.  All orders are delivered at the same time the municipal gravelling is done.


Building Permits

Our zoning bylaw, 1/78, to regulate development in the R.M. requires that all persons wishing to build in the municipality MUST FIRST obtain a written permit.  Currently there is no cost for this permit.  To obtain a permit please submit your site drawing with setback distances & particulars to the RM office for Council approval.  National and Provincial building codes and regulations must be adhered to.


Fire Fighting

The RM of Cote #271 passed the following bylaw this past year. Copies of any bylaw are available at the municipal office.

  1. Bylaw 2/2017: A Bylaw to provide for entering into a fire agreement for the providing of firefighting services from the Town of Kamsack, SK.

Bylaw 2/2017 states that the R.M. of Cote #271 is hereby authorized to enter into an agreement with the Council of the Town of Kamsack for obtaining fighting services from the Town for a one year term.


 IMPORTANT NOTE: Please check with your insurance company to ensure you have enough coverage as these charges quickly tally over $10,000. 


The Kamsack Volunteer Fire Department is seeking volunteers to join their department. Contact the Town of Kamsack office if you are interested.


Dust Control

Dust Control is offered for ratepayers each spring

through the R.M. office. Look for advertisements in The Kamsack Times, R.M. office and on the website. Dust control must be paid in advance of application.


Custom Work

The RM may provide the following custom work for the following fees:

Motor Grader

   Ratepayer of the municipality                           $80.00/hour

   Non-ratepayers of the municipality               $150.00/hour

   Village of Togo                                                   $100.00/hour

   Minimum charge                                                   $25.00


   Ratepayer of the municipality                           $80.00/hour

   Non-ratepayer of the municipality                $150.00/hour


Minimum charge                                                     $35.00


All custom work is subject to availability of equipment.  Work is scheduled as equipment is in the area.  Emergency & special calls will be charged from the time

the equipment is called out until it returns to the shop.  All custom work invoices are expected to be paid within 30 days of invoice.  Any unpaid invoices will be added to your taxes at year end.


Red Flag system

The RM adopted a red flag system for ratepayers wishing to have snow removal.  Simply place a red flag close to your driveway if you need this service.  As the grader comes by, if they see your flag, they will automatically remove the snow for you.  We will then bill you for this service on a quarterly basis. 


Beaver Control

 The municipality has a program whereby they pay a $10.00 bounty for each beaver captured. Persons seeking this beaver bounty are to be pre-approved and bring their

beaver tails and a listing of land locations to their division Councillor.


Beaver Dam Removal & Blasting

 It is important to note that all blasting in the RM must be done by a licensed blaster and approved by council.  If you intend to blast on your property, please ensure that

you notify your division Councillor & neighbors of potential flooding.  It is further advisable to remove such

dams when the water is low rather than at peak times as to reduce the risk of damage further down the flow of

water.  Council no longer provides financial assistance towards the cost of removing beaver dams on personal property (Res. #39-15).


Garbage Collection & Recycling


Any Blue bin located throughout the Parkland Regional Waste Management Authority area accepts all clean household paper, including:


As is: In clear leaf  bag:
Newspapers clean tetra paks
Boxes (flattened) clean milk cartons
Cardboard (flattened) plastic grocery bags
Flyers film plastic
Telephone Books any clean plastic container
Magazines (washed plastic milk jugs)


Parkland Regional Waste Management wants to inform ratepayers of the following: They can recycle all clean cardboard, newspaper and flyers, all office paper, plastic bags, clean food packaging and all washed liquid containers. They cannot recycle glass and tin cans of any kind, metals, car parts, children’s plastic toys, used

needles, microwaves, computers, monitors or other electronics.

This bin service is free for RM of Cote #271 ratepayers ONLY.  Please ensure that NO garbage is left outside the bins and that the lids are kept closed after use. 



NOTE: Conservation Officers are empowered to investigate and where possible lay charges for littering when appropriate. CO’s along with Environmental Protection Officers will also investigate illegal landfill dumping sites (e.g. demolishing buildings on private land). Turn in Poachers to report violations at 1-800-667-7561.



As part of our commitment to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfills, we urge you to utilize other local recycling options available to our ratepayers.  They include:



Open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sarcan accepts non-refillable, ready to serve beverage containers for deposit refund, computers & electronics,

non-cellular telephones, clean plastic milk jugs and milk cartons (no deposit, no refund), brown glass bottles, paint & aerosols (no deposit) excluding industrial or automotive paints, solvents or thinners; containers.  No microwaves!! Further recycling options can be found at www.saskwastereduction.ca


RM of Cote’s Runnymede Transfer Station Site

Open the third Saturday of each month from 9 am-1 pm. From the May long weekend to October long weekend the site will be open the first and third Saturday of each month.

Location:  Legal description SE 12-29-31-W1. 

Directions:  One mile north through Runnymede

This site is for RM of Cote ratepayers only.  The RM will accept, at no charge, clean wood & brush, contaminated wood, asphalt shingles, plastics (except oil & chemical jugs), appliances & scrap metals, and concrete material.  All materials collected at the transfer station site are for temporary collections only.  Each item we collect requires further recycling or end user collections plan. This site is a supervised facility.  Our caretaker is Robert Henderson.

Please assist us in maintaining environmental regulations imposed on us by following his instructions.  Thank you.


The twine gets tangled in the drive shaft and axles of the compactor and loader.   NEW…there is a grain bag recycling center in Canora. Contact Dallon Leger @ 306-562-8112 for more information.


Chemical Dumping

It is illegal to dump excess farm chemical, treated seed and other such items just on the ground.  If you see any one doing such type of dumping, call the Turn in Poachers hotline number 1-800-667-7561.  They are available 24 hours a day and you can remain anonymous.


Weed Control

Our weed inspectors for the RM are Reeve Jim Tomochko

and Councillor Kim Pennell.  Persons having issues with weeds regulated under the Weed Control Act must first contact the land owner responsible in an attempt to resolve the problem.  Should you be unsuccessful, contact our inspectors or the RM office for further assistance.



The passing of the Water Security Act Regulations in September 2015 requires any old (pre-1981 exemption removed) and new drainage works NOW REQUIRE AN APPROVAL before the work is to be implemented from the Water Security Agency. Refer to Section 59 of The Water Security Act and Section 11 & 12 of The Water Security Regulations for more info. WSA considers the current and future impact of drainage. What you do today may have a dramatic impact downstream for fellow ratepayers and wildlife now and in the future!!! You may also reference www.wsask.ca for information.

“Drainage is not a landowner’s right!!!”


Under our fire agreement, it is the RM’s responsibility to provide sources of water for firefighting services.  If you

have a water source which can be accessed for such, please contact the RM office as soon as possible.  This can

and will greatly reduce costs for firefighting services for you and your neighbors.


Ditch Mowing/Hay Salvage

Farmers and ranchers wanting to bale near provincial highways need to be aware of some important deadlines before salvaging the material. Contact the office for more information or refer to website.


Spraying of Municipal Road Allowances

The spraying of municipal road allowance (ditches) is illegal in the R.M. of Cote. Bylaw No. 2/2011 is “A Bylaw to Regulate Activities and Things In or On Municipal Roads.” Bylaw No. 2/2014 amended Section 4 as follows:


  1. Excavation or damage on roads.

No person shall make any excavations, remove trees and /or plough a municipal road or road allowance or portion thereof in the Municipality except by written permission of Council. No person shall damage or destroy any portion of the municipal road allowance by any means, except by written permission of Council.


REPORT GARBAGE BIN ABUSE TO THE R.M. OFFICE. Failure to maintain these bin sites, will force the R.M.

to seek alternative operation procedures for garbage collections.


Ratepayers are responsible for reporting in their controlled burn to central dispatch.  Phone 1-866-404-4911

If the Kamsack Fire Department is dispatched to an unreported controlled burn in the R.M., the landowner will be invoiced for their services.